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photo Gallery

From left:

Casey Simpson
Jeff Grider
Bill Moffatt
Carmen Pacella
Craig Spradley


Band photo with Casey and Craig.jpg
Bill M.jpg
Carmen and Jeff.png
Jeff for bio.jpg
Carmen bio photo.JPG

19 Restaurant & Lounge, Laguna Woods Village, August 2021

Memorial Day Concert, May 2021 at Laguna Woods Village
Benefit Concert for Veterans of Foreign Wars

Thanks to @fresh.grace for creation of the photo montage and still images

Rene M VFW.jpeg
Memorial Weekend audience.jpeg
Jeff Band Photo Memorial Care web.jpg
Carmen Singing.jpeg

Jeff - Beggar's Banquet (early 70's)

Jeff old photos 1.JPG
Jeff old photos 4.JPG
Jeff old photos 2.JPG
Jeff old photos 3.JPG

Carmen - The Sounds of Tyme (late 60's)

Carmen old photo 2.jpeg
Carmen old photo 3.jpeg
Carmen old photo 1.jpeg
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